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We have designed over 400 logos & completed more than 19 000 design projects for more than 800 customers.
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Ads that achieve their aim

Vestmint is an experienced advertising agency that is highly valued by its customers for offering comprehensive, well-planned and effective solutions. We will perform a strategic analysis of your business and propose innovative solutions that are guaranteed to add value to your product.

Graphic design

Vestmint will add value to your business by designing a suitable set of innovative and strategically planned advertising materials. Anything that we see, experience and perceive can be designed. Working with advertising professionals who know the world of advertising inside out and will help you pinpoint what sets you apart from your competition – give yourself an advantage over your competitors!

Brand and service design

A brand is a visual image of the values that you care about – the essence of your business. First impressions can only be formed once and Vestmint knows how to create a strong visual identity that conveys the strengths and values of your business. In an ideal world, service design goes hand in hand with branding – strategically planned services and products ensure an enjoyable customer experience and increase the trust that customers have in your business.

Web design

When customers navigate to a website in search of a product or service, they expect the site to offer a pleasant and straightforward environment in which they can quickly find what they need. Your website is no different than your outlet in which customers are assisted by a friendly shop attendant – we will help you turn your customers’ web shopping into an experience they wish to repeat!


Competition is fierce in every field – in order to stand out and be remembered, you have to advertise. Give yourself a head start by working with advertising professionals! Vestmint knows what it takes to turn an idea into a finished product and what is needed to get it from the production line into customers’ shopping baskets as efficiently as possible!


Well designed product catalogues, printed matter illustrations and information brochures reflect the values and commitment of your business. The secret to success lies in getting every detail right – this is why we recommend using an experienced designer to assist you with the layout of your material.


We believe in offering a full service to our customers – we design, print and post-process. Vestmint provides top-quality printing and post-processing solutions.

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